A.A.F.  General Meetings


The following is a listing of a very first documented meetings.

19th March 1999


We have called for the week 21th-28th to be declared Flatulence Awareness Week. To show your support wear a pair of black shoes during that week.

Denise will meet AMA Deputy Chief Chris Weller next week to put a case against doctors providing medication for 'patients' with a flatulence condition

Aim to get more A.A.F. recruitments. Ozemail has been asked to create a webpage for the A.A.F.

Volunteers to visit maternity wards to instruct new parents on the destructiveness of flatuphobia towards children.

26th March 1999


Flatulence Awareness Week has been a great success with millions of Australians showing their support by wearing black shoes.

Denise met with AMA Deput Chief Chris Weller who failed to appreciate the seriousness of flatuphobia. Denise felt he was mocking her.

A.A.F. webpage has fails to attract any new members to the A.A.F.

Ethnic minorities will be targeted for recruitment.

A.A.F. members are going to Sydney during easter.

2nd April 1999


Meeting postponed. Many members having difficulty coming to terms with the crisis in Kosovo

Distasteful subject of blue flaming brought up by a younger member of the A.A.F. Agreed that though blue flaming was dangerous and unnecessary but any person has the right to practice it.

Members commend 'Julian' for her webpage A very brave webpage about the devastating effects of chronic flatulence on her life.

9th April 1999


Easter trip to Sydney. Great fun had by all. Check out the Gallery for photos of our trip.

To serious business, Adam (a member of the AAF) is going to record a song for the AAF. Be excellent if it had success as it would lift the AAF's status.

l6th April 1999


March of AAF members is planned in a few weeks. The route is not decided but will lead to the state parliment house. All members will bring friends to join in the march.

AAF website is getting more hits after being put into a webring.

AAF membership has not grown since January 1999. The AAF has received emails from people who want to join but live interstate or overseas. Possibly allow members outside Victoria to join.